The Trumblebuggins

As you might have gathered, THE TRUMBLEBUGGINS is a book about some very naughty children. Between them, they have the staff of Crackpot Juniors screaming for mercy. When they finally get expelled, their father must figure out a plan to get them back to school or else face his wife's fury. He quickly enlists the help of his drinking buddy, Mr Catchratter: a dubious genius, whose convoluted schemes leave lots to be desired...

THE TRUMBLEBUGGINS is published by Falcon Berger books. The author has been invited to schools and bookshops to promote awareness of these terrible children, whose exploits will amuse fans of Roald Dahl and David Walliams.

 You can click on the thumbnails to the right of this text to see some illustrations and promotional artwork for THE TRUMBLEBUGGINS.

Harry is currently putting the finishing touches to a sequel, called THE TRUMBLEBUGGINS MEET THEIR MATCH.

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